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Temporary Housing Directory Delivers tips about working remote

Founder, Teresa Vidger’s interview with Star Mountain on working remote and other tips you might find helpful

Temporary Housing Directory Delivers hope to Lake Charles

The comments from those we helped in Lake Charles captures the real reason we do this work. These people are not just a number to our team. They are the people we serve each day when they suddenly find their lives turned upside down. Peace of mind - it's what the THD team offers when it matters most

Temporary Housing Directory's History and Founding

Learn about the history of Temporary Housing Directory (THD) and how Teresa Vidger started the company in 2001 in Dallas Fort Worth, TX. THD's primary goal is to help insurance companies find housing for displaced families. Over the last several decades, THD has had the privilege of helping many thousands of families relocate to new temporary housing situations and overcome housing challenges.

Temporary Housing Directory Customer Testimonials

Hear from the clients of Temporary Housing Directory and how their lives were impacted by THD's temporary housing services. Temporary housing provides a unique set of challenges. THD is here to help clients along every step of the way from initial placement in hotels to longer term leasing situations.

About Us: Temporary Housing Directory

Temporary Housing Directory is a nationwide housing vendor for  insurance companies. We provide short term emergency lodging for people who have been displaced due to an insurance claim. We help thousands of people per year including both short and longer term claims. Short term claims usually need temporary housing for a shorter period of time. Longer term claims can include total house loss from fire, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.

Customer Appreciation Letters to Temporary Housing Directory

Our customer appreciation letters show the positive impact Temporary Housing Directory has in the lives of our customers. Many people find their lives turned upside down when they have to relocate because of an insurance claim. That's where THD comes in and offers a helping hand to help individuals and families get back on their feet and restart their lives.

Temporary Housing Directory Expo 2012

We assist people who are displaced from their homes due a fire, tornado, earthquake, or other natural disaster. Temporary Housing Directory helps them with both short term and long term housing assistance depending on how long the displacement lasts. THD is a gold sponsor for PLRB, and we sponsor many activities within the organization. We treat our clients more like family members, so we really take care of them through their entire process while they are displaced.