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But don't just take our word for it. Hear from the real stories of the hundreds of people we have helped find temporary housing and furnished lodging when they needed it most.

S. Williams

THD Guest

"The THD staff made me feel like they had my family's best interest at heart. Our home was struck by lightning and we were displaced along with 2 large dogs.  From day one, THD was there with us.  At a time when we were feeling lost and afraid, THD stepped in and took over and guided us through finding pet friendly hotels so our family wouldn't be separated. They negotiated a short term housing lease in a home that we love and provided us with everything we could possibly need to live a normal life.... from furniture to housewares.  Words cannot express how much THD blessed my family.  THD has done everything in their power to make our transition bearable.  We can't thank you enough for being there for us all the way.  Your are truly the best at what you do."

Part of The THD Family

With THD, You Are Part of Our Family

Families take care of each other. As part of the THD family, we want the best for you and your loved ones.

Nora W.

THD Guest

"Our family was in a state of shock when a fire caused us to leave our home. Within hours, we were contacted by a THD representative. She relieved our anxiety and made us feel like we were in the hands of a real professional, one who was sensitive to our needs. She also had the remarkable ability to walk us through our concerns in such a humane and personalized way that we felt we were being taken care of by a person who truly cared, not just someone going through the motions. She was compassionate and gave us ease and confidence to move forward. Within a short time, she and a smart and experienced team of her colleagues, placed us in a hotel that met and exceeded our expectations. My sons use the metro for school and work… Our hotel was a block from the station! We have pets, anxious as we were, so we were happy and surprised to be near a dog-park. I must also thank the team for arranging for us to move from the hotel to a great temporary apartment in a neighborhood we love."

You Are Not Alone

During Your Housing Transition

A changing housing transition shifts everything you know and love. THD is here for you during this challenging time.

J. Long

Relocation Consultant

"We needed a way to direct bill hotels and THD was not only able to get us better rates but direct bill all of our hotel needs with any hotel brand."

Direct Hotel Networking

Lets You Find Better Hotel Rates

Take the hassle out of hotel billing and trying to hunt down the best discounted hotel rates with the THD hotel network.

R. Smith

Relocation Manager

“I used to contact one housing company for all of my relocation needs but the price kept going up. At times they didn’t have a short term option in the city I needed and I had to end up putting them in a hotel. Now, I use THD for all my housing needs, and they always have a solution!”

Trusted Solutions For

Reliable Short Term Housing Options

Temporary Housing Directory provides reliable short term housing options and solutions you can trust.

S. Shannon

Insurance Adjuster

“I will only use Temporary Housing Directory for all my ALE claims. They are one-stop shopping for choices, issues, and notices. I know my insured is in good hands and they will find the best solution at the best price!”

Insurance Industry Partnering

Brings Out The Best of THD

We strive to create lasting partnerships within the insurance industry to provide the best experience and services possible.

S. Coslow

THD Guest

“The staff at THD truly understands the term “customer satisfaction”. They are knowledgeable and experienced in all things THD and were very expedient in resolving any concerns regarding time lines, e.g. move in date/furniture. Our coordinator is very professional, and I appreciate her kind consideration of me and my daughter. Having stated that, each staff person I spoke with at THD were very kind and considerate as well. I shall end with “Kudos” to the staff at THD for a job well done!”

Making Ordinary Extraordinary

Because We Care & Our Clients Come First

Our experienced THD Team expertly handles all of the different pieces when it comes to temporary housing. We Care.

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Temporary Housing Directory has helped many 100s of people since it was founded in 2001.


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