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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


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How can you be confident choosing THD as your housing provider?

Since 2001, THD has managed a full range of short and long term housing solutions for our customers throughout the United States and Canada. Since inception, THD has operated with a single mission focus: to provide the highest quality customer service while delivering the most immediate housing solutions for our clients and their customers. Our team of caring and compassionate individuals customize the right housing solution to meet the requirements of each individual guest, so that they are truly getting a place to call home. We make the process seamless by providing quick responses and consistent communication, so you can focus on other aspects of your job. At THD, we offer solutions to your temporary housing needs through our network of strategic partnerships with national, regional, and local service providers that provide hotels, rental properties, furniture, housewares and appliances across North America.

What type of temporary housing solutions do you offer?

THD has the flexibility to provide housing options that include hotels, single-family homes, condominiums, apartments, townhomes, trailers, and mobile homes. At THD we personalize our housing options based on the specific requirements of our customers. Whether the need is for a fully furnished home, to an apartment with limited furnishings, or providing a more creative solution in a rural area, we will manage all aspects of the housing from start to finish.

What is included with each temporary housing residence?

Each residence is furnished based on the individual requirements of the family or individual we are assisting. We will confirm approvals from you on the furniture and/or houseware packages, including appliances, electronics, and utilities if needed. In the rare instance where unfurnished accommodations are required, THD will assist in the coordination of locating properties only.

When should I expect THD to have housing options available?

After you have requested THD to assist your customer with their housing, our team will contact them immediately. Once requirements are determined we will locate and coordinate hotel accommodations and billing within one-hour if necessary. When temporary housing is required, our commitment is to provide a housing option within 24 hours. Once we obtain the approval from you, we will arrange for your customer to view the accommodations if appropriate. If the housing option is approved by your customer, we will then coordinate all aspects of the property details with the landlord and arrange for furniture delivery where applicable. After all details are in place, our coordinators will arrange for the customer to move into their accommodations as early as possible. Depending on the location and time period, this may take a few days. For mobile homes and travel trailers it can take approximately 7-14 days to deliver and setup.

Do you handle housing nationwide?

Yes, THD offers hotel and temporary housing accommodations in all 50 states, as well as Canada. Our qualified coordinators who are located throughout the country have been trained to do extensive searches to locate housing for our customers. We have built an expansive database and have strong relationships with property managers, apartment communities and private landlords throughout North America.

Does THD find housing for pets?

Understanding that pets are an important part of the family, we can accommodate family pets in most of our housing options. Most often there is a pet fee or additional non-refundable deposit. Some landlords, however, do have a restriction on size and breed of pet. Our trained coordinators will communicate this delicate need to you accordingly.

Does my policyholder need to sign any paperwork?

The policyholder will need to sign a property lease that the landlord requires prior to occupancy. In addition, THD requires that the policyholder sign an agreement between THD and the policyholder confirming lease terms, billing and responsibility. This is a “direction to pay” lease which will ensure the terms and financial billing necessary with each policy. This lease authorizes THD to pay all monies on behalf of your customer. THD will not have the policyholder enter any lease without the consent of the adjuster first.

How does THD handle security deposits?

It is typical that security deposits are advanced from the policyholder’s contents coverage or other areas of coverage where the deposit may be refunded back to the policyholder. There are instances, however, when it is requested that we bill your company with the directive to refund the deposit to your company. Each policyholder is responsible for all damages to the property and THD works closely with the insured and landlord to ensure that the deposit being requested is comparable for the location. THD will always negotiate a lesser deposit, on behalf of the policyholder, when possible. We also work closely with the insured before and after move out to ensure return of deposits, less any damages, if applicable.

What is your billing capabilities?

We are transparent and flexible and can customize your bill to fit your business model. THD can bill monthly, in 2-3 month increments or the entire term up front, whichever is requested by you. Additionally, our hotel invoices are separated out from temporary housing invoices. We audit all hotel folios to ensure that only approved expenses (room rate and tax) are included and that no incidental charges are included, unless specified initially by your directive.

How do you handle extensions?

THD will place follow-up calls to your customer 45 days prior to move-out to coordinate move-out details and/or requirements for extensions. In situations where extensions may be needed, THD will coordinate directly with you for status determination and extension approval as may be warranted.

In the event of a Catastrophe how can THD help?

Our team at THD is available 24/7 to help with any hotel and/or temporary housing needed for your policyholders or CAT teams in the event of a catastrophe. At THD we realize that a disaster can occur anytime and we plan ahead for such occurrences by partnering with hotels, landlords and furniture providers to secure priority placements for our customers. At THD our associates are trained in disaster preparedness and how to handle the sensitive needs of our customers during a catastrophic event. We send teams out to the affected area to coordinate and locate available housing options.

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