Learn about the technology THD uses to streamline solutions


Temporary Housing Directory Technology Video

Learn about the technology THD incorporates with our temporary housing and placement offerings. We use a variety of technology solutions to streamline our operations and communicate with our guests.

It is important to provide useful tools which enable a great customer experience and excellent communication with seamless transitions between the different temporary housing aspects. THD is proud to be a value added partner for all of our customers.

THD's technology solutions include:

  • Hotel Access - Used to quickly book our guests into hotels while filtering by location and special needs.
  • Communication Journey Tool - Which allows for two way texts and communication between THD and clients.
  • Furniture Lists - THD sends clients the standard furniture lists for clients to view and approve while allowing for additional items or special requests.
  • Communication and Feedback - Using the Journey Tool, THD communicates with clients throughout the housing journey for confirmations, feedback, and time extensions as needed.
  • Other Forms - THD uses forms like the Property Condition Form and other forms to help ensure guests keep track of any damages.
  • Costs and ALE Receipt Assistance - The THD Guest Portal helps customers track and organize costs and other items that are submitted to the insurance company as additional living expenses (ALE).
  • Measured Excellence - THD measures our time to respond, time to place, and guest satisfaction with all of our tools.

Hotel Access

Adjuster Portal

Communication Journey Tool

SLA Dashboard

Guest Portal