Solutions for insurance adjusters which help to serve policyholders



We focus on professional solutions and results which provide speed and peace of mind for insurance adjusters. We empower you to better serve policyholders.

Insurance Solutions


Your job is to handle policyholders professionally, quickly and smartly, when they’re under incredible stress and worry.
Our charge is to do the same for you.

We serve you, to better serve your policyholders, with:

  • Experience – We have longevity in handling the needs of families in catastrophic situations. Since 2001, we have served insurance adjusters through controlling costs, alleviating worries and providing immediate solutions.
  • Speed – Your policyholder’s needs are real, immediate, and often overwhelming. We provide solutions that allay fears and put everyone at ease.
  • Resources – Our contacts are national and in all 50 states, even in remote areas.
  • One point of contact – You have one person at THD through whom all your questions, answers, concerns, negotiations and arrangements are made. Your job will be made immeasurably easier by not having to field multiple calls from many people.
  • Pricing – The best housing at the best rates is your goal. We provide the best negotiated rates and options in every situation.
  • Negotiation – We leverage our national presence to provide better pricing, delivery schedules, choice, terms and contractual obligations.
  • Simplicity – In short, no more paperwork piles up. We audit all of your invoices to ensure you are only billed for approved expenses.
  • Online portal – As a client of THD you have access to our online, paperless office portal wherever you have an Internet connection, on a computer or mobile device.
    This feature-rich portal helps adjusters and managers track claims in real time.
  • Relationships – Your policyholders will likely need more than simply hotels and housing. We have relationships not only with property management companies, but furniture and house wares providers.
  • Special needs – Whether it be accommodating pets, people with mobility impairment, or other special circumstances or other needs, we provide solutions in every instance.
  • Follow-up – We provide as much follow-up as needed once your policyholders have moved in, and will resolve issues and questions immediately.


Your job is not 9 to 5, so neither is ours. You have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you are, to a real live human being who can either answer a question, steer you in the right direction, provide simple technical support, deliver a message, setup a hotel or provide a call-back.

We help you do more, so get started with your solution now!

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