THDRoundtable – Innovative approach to Carrier partnerships

Streamlining with the local offices and employees is critical to saving time and efficiencies. THD has branded their innovative concept of solution-oriented meetings to be called THDRoundtable.

THD’s mission statement is to be the best “high touch” service provider in the industry by making our customers job easier by tailoring our business processes to theirs. The unique needs of each office and/or adjuster is our priority. THDRoundtable has proven to be invaluable by measuring our success, one adjuster at a time.

Initial meetings

  • Discuss information regarding referral systems and tools
  • Identify carrier/adjuster needs
  • Invoice preferences
  • Extension coordination and means of communication
  • Expectations from THD
  • Any ALE training of services needed

Semi- annual meetings

  • Transparency and reporting needs
  • Billing changes
  • Trends in market place
  • Priorities of carrier
  • Service review
THD is fully operational and ready to serve our customers during the novel coronavirus outbreak. To learn more about how we are responding please  Click Here