When disasters of any nature or any size strikes, the needs of insurance companies and disaster relief organizations is immediate and imperative. You need help that is already in place, waiting to be put into action.

That’s exactly where THD can save the day and situation.

A plan of action on your behalf.

Our expertise is locating comfortable and affordable short-term housing in times of disaster. Fortunately we have, which is why we offer:

  • The locating and securing of emergency hotels quickly
  • Nationwide temporary housing in urban areas, rural areas, and every area in between
  • Hotels, extended stay, houses, apartments, and mobile homes to accommodate every need
  • Established relationships with property management, landlords and short –term housing providers that give you priority placement during high demand
  • Comprehensive management that allows us to find, negotiate and arrange all aspects of your housing so you can focus on other matters

A plan for future disasters

By contacting us now, we’ll create an account for your company so that if or when a disaster takes place, your only call is to put us in action. Your temporary housing needs will be taken care of even more quickly.

Call us at 1-800-817-3220 or complete this short contact form.

THD is fully operational and ready to serve our customers during the novel coronavirus outbreak. To learn more about how we are responding please  Click Here