What’s New at THD…

10. November, 2014

THD has unveiled our new logo and website that represents many of the changes happening at THD. THD has not only rebranded our image but has undergone a complete system change.

“Although our system change was not easy, it was necessary in order to continue to provide the internal and external system integrity to our customers. We appreciate everyone’s patience during the transformation.” quotes Teresa Vidger.

THD’s commitment to making our customer’s job easier by tailoring technology to our customer’s needs is always a top priority. With the new launch of our website, THD has simplified and improved our customers experience by providing them quick and easy access to information about our company and services.

The features of the new website provides more comprehensive but simplified information on THD’s temporary housing services that are customized to our various clients. THD has also streamlined our communication regarding our on-line housing portal that allows our customers to access important information including the status of housing file, invoices and new request.

We appreciate our customer’s loyalty and business as we transition to the new system. We invite you to visit our new website at:

Fast Response with Caring Service

THD is fully operational and ready to serve our customers during the novel coronavirus outbreak. To learn more about how we are responding please  Click Here