29. January, 2015


THD understands that adjusters are busy helping their customers after a disaster occurs and often they are working away from their office.  They are looking for companies to help simplify their jobs and minimize the number of calls they have to make to service providers.  THD has found a way to help our adjusters by creating an app for your mobile phone. 

All that you need to do is download the Temporary Housing Directory “THD PORTAL” app onto your phone and contact us at to get a secure user name and password if you do not already have one.  The new app allows you to make a new hotel or housing placement anywhere!  Just complete the requested information regarding the housing placement and hit send.  Your request will come to a THD representative immediately and we will respond to you within minutes…day or night that we received your request. 

While you are looking at our new app THD would like to hear your feedback and for you to share any features you would like to see that would help make your job easier.  You can email us at or call at 800-817-3220.

THD is fully operational and ready to serve our customers during the novel coronavirus outbreak. To learn more about how we are responding please  Click Here