Meet Shelly…

16. February, 2015

I’m Shelly and I currently live in Longview, TX but I am originally from a little oil town in New Mexico called Hobbs. Chances are you have never heard of it unless you were stopping to get gas so you could get somewhere bigger and better. It is from this little town that I got my infinity for Mexican food, Friday night football and dry hot weather – none of which my current city have quality amounts of J but I’m not one to complain… I received my BA in Psychology a few years back, well QUITE a few years back but I don’t need to “date” myself so we will use broad terms rather than specifics here J I got into psychology because I have an insatiable need to help others and feel like I make a difference. And so, it makes perfect sense that I landed right here in THD’s loving lap. I have so enjoyed this job! I can’t put into words what a pleasure it was to put faces with all the voices! Everyone I met was just as lovely in person as they were over Jabber

I have two great loves in my life 1. Is being crafty – all things crafty I will take a garbage can and turn it into a BBQ pit with a little time and a blow torch J And secondly, but most importantly is 2. My little Ava. I never wanted kids but I figure God must know best because he picked a doosie out for me and I haven’t looked back since the day she was born! And here we are 5 years later and she’s still alive and kickin’ and I still have my most of my hair so I guess I’m doin’ alright!!! I love her more than life its self. She is my rum cake…

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