Meet Sharon McGregor

25. June, 2014

I hail from Boulder, Colorado and have a part of my heart there, but I’m a Texas girl through and through. I recently moved to Denton TX, a wonderful, eclectic college town and I love it here. My three kids found their way to music and art: My son Kellen is in the successful metal rock band Memphis May Fire; they released their 3rd album in March. My daughter, Aralyn, is a successful painter in Dallas and has gallery shows throughout the year. My youngest, Lauren, is a photographer and is currently living in Dallas. J I am part of a study group in Denton and we look at indigenous cultures through Shamanic teachings; I also practice Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of Devotion.

I’m so grateful to be part of this THD family and I’m in my 8th year with Customer Care. Customer Care is a wonderful sisterhood, with a strong dynamic and hard workin’ women. We work hand in hand with clients that have been displaced due to fire, flood, tornado, etc. and support them as their home and lives are rebuilt – I love this group of ladies! I’ve seen many changes and growth in THD over eight years and celebrate that very soon, our technology is going to take a giant leap forward!

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