Meet Rende…

29. May, 2015


It has been my honor for the last eight years to be a part of THD – this amazing family of men and woman all dedicated to assist and bring a sense of normalcy to people all over the country in their darkest times of loss. These people are entrusted to our care to find them immediate housing, and then later, long term housing while they put their lives together. Every single person at THD is part of a mosaic of caring. Our insureds have suffered greatly, and oftentimes the insurance company’s approach is more clinical and business-like at a time when what they really need is a friendly voice who understands what they’re going through and who really care. THD gives that human connection from the moment of first call for help, to their final call to arrange for move out so they can go back to their homes. And even then, those behind the scenes that provide hotel folios, invoicing and security deposit refunds, make life so much easier for their adjusters so they will remember to call us above all others. We are all very important pieces of the puzzle.

My background was in property management and supervision for over 24 years. I also worked as the Dallas office manager another housing company, helping them to maintain their nationwide accounts, and then later, establishing international contacts in Brazil, Germany and Japan. When I joined THD, I was able to refine my searching skills, and thanks to her training, I usually can find something almost anywhere, even when they have pets like multiple dogs, cats, goats and even a pet cow.

I have been married for 15 years this month to the love of my life, John Coward, and together we live with 3 large dogs and 7 cats in Cedar Hills, TX. People have called us the Cedar Hillbillies with the cement pond in the back and all our critters around us. John and I are literally card-carrying Trekkies and officers of the USS Joshua Sci-fi fan club in Irving, TX. Our club is 25 years old and 85+ members strong and that is where I met my husband. I am also the director of our club choir where we have put on USO type shows for nursing homes, and Disney programs for children’s hospitals. My hobbies are prop-building, costuming and creature prosthetics and make-up. Some of our props are so accurate, we are often paid to bring them to conventions and have even had an offer from a Sci-fi Museum in France to recreate one of our props for their exhibit. So now you know that THD has a resident nerd for all your geeky needs and questions.

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