Meet Danielle Marks-Goodwin

13. September, 2014


I have been with the THD family, just over  5 & 1/2 years and it seems like just yesterday, that I had stepped foot into this “home”. Having the ability to be a part of the village, which helps to alleviate the burden of relocating a family during an extremely difficult time, has been an incredibly fulfilling experience.

Having a diverse background which includes a CORT furniture rental consultant, a recruiter with Robert Half and an amazing opportunity to dabble in the financial industry, has kept me on my toes. To keep grounded, my dreams of raising my family, where I had the pleasure of growing up, would be something I would not waiver on. I have always lived a ten minute distance from the beach and will forever be a toes in the sand kind of girl at heart. I’m fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to fulfill 10 years’ worth of living that way.

Now, I’ve come full circle, living back in my hometown of Oceanside, NY, where both my husband and I had grown-up and met as neighbors, while very young. We have our son, Kyle, the most amazing little person, either of us could never have imagined possible. Although he is just shy of 2, he has already inspired me to want to be the best version of myself. Now my favorite way to spend our time is at Gymboree open play, walking with local mom friends pushing our strollers, backyard BBQ’s and family festivals. My son attends daycare 4 days a week, we call them his “other family”.  We love that they care for him as though he is one of their own so that I can be here with my “other family” caring for those who need my help.

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