Hurricane season is here… be prepared and call THD!

5. June, 2017

Everyone keeps shaking their heads stating – how is it already June?? Which means the start of hurricane season.

If you are an adjuster of any kind you know that from now until November 30 we are indeed in hurricane season! As a leader in our industry, THD will be prepared and ready to help you and your policyholders. With our amazing partnerships with all major hotel brands – we can offer your adjusters and your policyholders the very best options. We also will have the availability of which hotels are ready to place you quickly. THD’s Cat care Crew will also be at your service and on the ground ready to help in person.

The predictions are in that this is going to be a very busy hurricane season! Things to do to get ready for a disaster plan:

  • Contact your insurance agent and review your policy making sure you are covered amply in the event of such occurrence. Ask specifically about flood insurance.
  • Prepare a VIP bag with those important documents, such as social security cards, birth certificates, insurance policies etc. Always try to have a good amount of cash on hand as well
  • Prepare a first aid kit
  • Plenty of water
  • Have batteries and flashlights secured where you can get to them quickly. Here are a list of supplies to have on hand:
    – Masking and/or duct tape, Handsaw, Razor, knife, Ax or chain saw, Nails and screws, Ladder, Portable generator, Wheelbarrow, Bucket/mop, Fire extinguisher, Hammer, Screwdriver Pliers/wrenches, Rope, caulk, All-purpose cleaner, Sandbags, Shovel, Plastic sheet/drop cloth, Bleach, Tarps to cover roof, extra filled propane tanks, duct tape, Signal flare, Battery operated radio with extra batteries
    – Shut-off wrench to turn off household gas and water
  • Not evacuating and staying home?
    – Ensure you have enough food, water, medications, and other supplies in your survival kit to last at least 2 weeks.
    – Turn refrigerator to coldest setting and keep closed.
    – Turn off propane tanks.
    – Unplug small appliances.
    – Fill bathtub and other containers with water for cleaning and flushing. Additional water is stored for drinking.
    – Cover all windows and other openings with hardened protections. If you do not have manufactured shutters, cut plywood and secure to protect the windows.
    – Close all interior doors and brace outer doors.
    – Select an interior room to use as a safe room.
    – Plan as though you were evacuating and have enough cash on hand to sustain purchasing of gas, food, and other supplies in the days following the storm.
    – If you have a generator, ensure you have enough gas on hand to sustain usage for several days.
    – Ensure you have sufficient medications in case you are confined to your home for several days. Post-storm there may not be any electricity and pharmacies will probably closed even with a minor storm.
    – Plan to cook on a camp stove or grill in the days immediately after the storm passes.
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