Good Reasons to Get Renters Insurance

1. May, 2015

What happens if you lease a property and there is a fire that destroys all your belongings? You may think that the landlord’s insurance covers the cost of your loss but this is not true. The landlord’s homeowners policy only covers the physical structure of a property, not the renter’s personal property. If you rent a property it is a wise idea for you to purchase renter’s insurance. Having renter’s insurance is easy to get through your insurance carrier and is fairly affordable compared to the cost of replacing your property. The premium costs vary from state to state but the average cost is between $15 and $30 per month

There are many reasons why you should purchase rental insurance and we have listed a few reasons below:

  • Personal property-Renter’s insurance will protect you from loss to your personal property including clothes, furniture, electronics, and even lugguage when you are traveling.
  • Landlord requires insurance- Some landlords require that you obtain renter’s insurance before you are allowed to sign a lease.
  • Liability coverage- Renter’s insurance covers liability so if someone is injured in your home you will be covered. Most renter’s insurance liability coverage is $100,000.
  • Additional Living Expenses- If a property is uninhabitable while it is being repaired, some of your additional living expenses such as temporary housing, food and other expenses may be covered.

For a piece of mind it’s a good idea to get renter’s insurance. For more details on obtaining renter’s insurance, please check with your insurance carrier.

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