Fun Zone at THD

23. February, 2015


We are lucky to have a wonderful, energetic and truly dedicated team of individuals working for THD. They are committed to making sure our customers’ needs are taken care of and they work very hard every day to exceed our customers expectations. Having fun at our job is part of the THD culture and so we started “Fun Zone” to celebrate our employees. Fun Zone can be anything such as contestants, trivia and even puzzles.

In December we kicked off Fun Zone by having an Ugly Sweater contest. It was fun to see the team’s sweaters and there were many creative entries. We had two winners that were really in the holiday spirit…Rose and Susan!

With the start of the New Year there were many things to celebrate but the best was the newest addition to the THD family. Jenny Gamboney and her husband had a beautiful baby girl, Isabelle Frances on January 19. THD had a baby pool and we had some big-time winners!!
– Date Born Winners: Toni & Amy
– Weight Winner: Stefanie
– Time Winner: Toni

The final Fun Zone activity for the month was “Circle the Word” puzzle with Temporary Housing as the theme. The competition was fierce and the team was having fun racing against time to be the first to turn in their puzzle. Our winner was our super- Marathoner Christine who is a fast runner and is just as fast finding hidden words! Gayle was also a winner when she found the unknown word hidden in the puzzle. ….Can you guess what the word was??? FUN…

More to come next month as we share with you our Fun Zone activities for February!!

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