What our Clients are Asking THD about their Hotel Stays…

13. October, 2014

THD books thousands of hotel stays for our customers every year for people displaced from their home or are relocating or on temporary assignment in a new city. It is our goal to always find the best properties that meet the specific requirements of our valued customers. The following are just a few questions that we are asked in regards to hotel accommodations:

Why does a hotel need my credit card when it is being billed to my insurance company or company?
Hotels require credit cards for incidentals that are not covered by THD.  An incidental being: room service or pay per view movies and long distance phone calls.

Will you set up the hotel with a kitchen?
Yes, THD will find a suitable hotel with a kitchen so that there is cooking facilities so that our customers staying in a hotel do not have to eat out and can continue cooking meals for their family.

What do I do if my check out is coming up and I need more time in a hotel?
We will be in touch with you once you have checked into the hotel. This will allow us to hear from you about the progress on your home. If you need more time in the hotel, we will contact your adjuster for the request and approval.

Please contact THD at 800-817-3220 if you want to learn more about our Hotel Program and how we can help you locate the perfect accommodations.

THD is fully operational and ready to serve our customers during the novel coronavirus outbreak. To learn more about how we are responding please  Click Here