CA Wildfires

29. October, 2017

Last week THD’s CATcareCrew was in Santa Rosa, CA helping with the terrible and tragic wildfires that ravaged the area.  The devastation was horrific however – the signs that were plastered all over the cities and adjacent towns were so inspiring.  The theme was common – “Thank you first responders”.   While Santa Rosa experienced the most damage,  nearby Napa was also heavily affected due to the shift in winds.  The fairgrounds in Santa Rosa was where the evacuees were able to stay, pick up donated supplies being sent from around the country, and speak with insurance carriers that were all set up to assist those in need.  Adjacent to the fairgrounds, was the first responder and firefighters place to park and rest.  The open field was lined with an endless amount of fire trucks and tents.  It was quite a scene that is etched in our minds. People walking and driving wearing masks since the air quality was dangerous was also quite a sight.  Traveling to different areas and passing out our information to shelters, insurance agents, temporary insurance villages and hotels all filled with evacuees was challenging with closed roads attended by the National Guard helping to keep everyone safe.  The one sign that stood out while we were navigating through road closures trying to get back to the hotel was simple, touching and inspiring – “ The LOVE in the air is thicker than smoke”.

These wildfires have destroyed over 8400 homes and businesses and taken the lives of over 40 people so far.  Thankfully these fires are now contained, however the clean up and rebuild is beyond overwhelming.  THD is here and ready to help repair your transition into your temporary housing.  We are an industry that never closes and will be available to help 24/7/365.  Please contact us at 800-817-3220 or

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