Q4 Essential Piece Winner – Kristi Mehta

2. February, 2016


My name is Kristine “Kristi” Mehta.  I am the youngest of 4 siblings and have lived in St. Peters, MO for the majority of my life.  I have 8 nieces and nephews, who are growing way too fast for my liking.  I have been working for Temporary Housing Directory in the Accounting department for almost  a year and absolutely love it.  My coworkers are amazing.  When I am not working I love to watch movies.  Any type, I am not picky.  Plus, I have and extraordinary amount of knowledge on celebrity gossip.  One of my main goals is to travel to as many places as possible.  I’ve been to France, Germany, Italy and Jamaica.  Of those, my favorite place has been Germany.  The people were so friendly and the food was delicious.  With each new travel adventure I have found I come home a new person from when I left.   

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