About ALE360

  • ALE360 is the industry’s first and only suite of ALE-related technology services that support the entire additional living expense process.

    Our tools are setting the stage for policyholder self-service to meet a growing demand in the marketplace.

    The ALE360 technology supports that model, while our world-class service organization supports impacted policyholders that decline to, or simply cannot, use technology platforms.

Access to Critical ALE Tools

With ALE360, insurance carrier adjusters and policyholders have access to eight (8) critical tools, each designed to assist in the overall ALE process.

1. Realto THD’s temporary housing marketplace tool that provides access to millions of housing options.

2. MarketLook An automated fair rental value calculator comparing local options to loss address.

3. MealMoney Consistent calculator of additional food expenses based on family size and ZIP code.

4. Mileage Manager Simple tool calculates expected additional driving costs for temp housing vs. loss address.

5. ReceiptsBox Proprietary tool that gathers real receipts, aggregates, and reports to adjuster for approval.

6. Repairsify Coordinates with contractors and trades to get real-time status of property repairs and livability.

7. CAT Services 24/7/365 Specialized CAT bookings services for policyholders and claims teams.

8. StayManage Around the clock management of the temporary housing stay.

Adapts to Your Needs

Each individual service is available as a standalone product or as a full-suite solution.

With ALE360, THD provides an end-to-end ALE third-party administrator service; freeing up property adjusters to manage the claim, while THD manages the administrative work and related expenses.

The entire program is supported by industry-leading comparative analytics tools that allow carriers to manage suppliers and monitor and measure adjuster performance.


“Adjusters have never been busier, and it is our intention to use technology and service to take the administrative load off of adjusters and allow them to focus on policyholder empathy, service and adjustment of the claim.”


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Teresa Vidger