THD is an expert in finding housing in remote locations.  With 16 years’ experience in insurance and corporate housing, we have placed guest in every corner of the US and Canada.

Furnished Lodging…Remote is for those travelers that are going to an area that is not in the heart of the city.  Our experience with hard to find locations, gives us the ability to access any and all types of housing available.  Furnished lodging uses many means to find available properties, but one is with our property landlord database from our many years of placing people across the country in remote locations.

THD Remote goes hand in hand with our Hotel Access program in cases there are not available properties.  THD always has an option!

Who we serve…

  • Manufacturers with facilities in smaller communities
  • Companies supporting the Oil, Gas and Energy Industries
  • Retailers and restaurant companies serving rural and remote areas.
  • Traveling nurses and medical professionals

How we do it…

  • We have relationships with local furniture companies, in addition to large national providers
  • We partner with a company who ships housewares anywhere in the United States
  • We have offices in Colorado, Kansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, California, Florida, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Arizona, Connecticut and New York.