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Catastrophe and Disaster Support can take care of your Emergency Relocation Needs21-Sep-2009

When disaster strikes, a rapid response and recovery plan is needed. As an insurance company or insurance adjuster, you already have an overload of work handling claims. Whatever the emergency arising from storm damage, tornados, droughts, fires, hurricanes and lightning strikes, your network must have a capable service provider to take care of immediate housing and relocation needs. You need the reliable support of an emergency housing provider who can take on the responsibility of handling emergency relocation for your clients and policy holders.

As an individual, the stress of a natural disaster or catastrophe is already overwhelming. You don’t need the additional hassle of finding emergency hotel placement or temporary housing in an emergency. You can take comfort in knowing that the emergency response service team can also take care of your accommodation. One call should take care of the situation for you – call the experts at Temporary Housing Directory.  

Catastrophe and disaster support services offered by Temporary Housing Directory:        

·         Emergency hotel placement within an hour of your call

·         Nationwide temporary housing in urban and rural areas across the USA

·         Hotels, extended stay, trailers, apartments, and temporary housing to accommodate every need

·         Established relationships with short term housing providers that give you priority placement during the high stress, high demand period of a natural disaster or catastrophic condition

  • Comprehensive management -- we find, negotiate and arrange all aspects of emergency housing so you can focus on claims management and all the other urgent matters at hand

At Temporary Housing Directory, we are not storm chasers – we believe in always being prepared for an emergency. Whether it is preparing for hurricane and tornado season around the 12 central beautiful states of the USA, or getting ready for the ravages of San Diego’s wild fires in September, our emergency hotel placement team is ready 24/7. We have all locales covered in every corner of the US and can make available any and all types of dwellings -- extended stay hotel, trailer, short term rental apartment, temporary accommodation in a condo or house, anywhere that you feel at home, safe and comfortable.  Our internal catastrophe and disaster support team has experience in handling difficult, time sensitive, and / or large volume needs of catastrophe claims.

Our hurricane response and disaster support teams have handled emergency relocation and housing across the USA. We’ve been there for our clients in Texas, Maryland, Arizona, Illinois, California, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi -- taking care of their housing needs through storms, tornados, lightning strikes, hurricanes and wild fires.

Contact Temporary Housing Directory online or call 800-817-3220 today for your emergency housing and relocation needs.

Women Power Drives Company into Inc 500 | 5000 – third year in a row!15-Sep-2009

Woman owned corporation excels in temporary housing and relocation services

Teresa Vidger leads Temporary Housing Directory Inc. (THD), her $30 million dollar plus corporation as President and CEO. With more than a decade’s experience in the home rental and relocation industry, Teresa decided she needed better control on the services she provides. In 2001 she made the choice to dedicate more quality time to her home and family without giving up what she did best -- help displaced individuals and families relocate and resettle into temporary homes.

That was the start of Temporary Housing Directory.  Powered mostly by women and skillfully steered by Teresa, for the third year in a row, the company figures in the prestigious Inc. 500| 5000 listing. In 2009, it ranks high amongst the Top 100 Companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas area. In 2008, the company was ranked #3 in Inc. 500’s “Fastest growing woman owned businesses in the US”. 2007 marked the year that THD first featured in this honor roll when it was named among the   “Fastest Growing Private Companies in America”.    

For close to a decade now, the company has served individuals and families, insurance companies, relocations managers, and emergency response organizations. For Teresa, a passionate real estate broker, this was and still is a home-based business that has grown at more than a 100% growth rate into a double-digit million dollar corporation. The Plano, Texas based organization coordinates the selection and management of short term housing choices for individuals displaced due to insurance claims or corporate relocation.

Statistics reflect the impact of women in business

According to research and statistics from the National Foundation for Women Business Owners, women-owned firms represent 38% of all US firms. Internationally as well, women-owned firms represent 25% to 33% of the total business population.

Research by the Catalyst shows that,

  • 11.2% of corporate officers are women.
  • 75% of Fortune 500 companies (376) have at least 1 woman officer.
  • Over half (258) of Fortune 500 companies have more than 1 female corporate officer.

Talent management company, Korn/Ferry International has statistics further reinforcing the fact that women are playing bigger, better, stronger roles in the corporate world. In a study, the largest companies in America, those with a gross of at least $20 billion in annual revenue, reported a larger concentration of women and minority directors on their boards. Seventy percent of these companies report having at least two women and 53 percent have two or more minority directors.

Teresa Vidger of THD is one among millions of women entrepreneurs who are positively and increasingly influencing the American economic landscape. Teresa continues to work from home, as does the rest of her team of housing placement consultants. She says, “In many companies, managing, marketing and support staff work in a bubble that prevents day-to-day contact with clients and by nature interferes with an understanding of their needs. Our Managing, Marketing and Support Team keep our client's satisfaction top-of-mind. We interact with clients and have regular meetings with our staff to grasp the challenges our clients face. We develop service features and internal processes that make the job easier for insurance companies, insurance adjusters and corporations. Most importantly, we are always mindful of the policy holder or relocated employee’s physical and mental stress levels to identify the perfect short-term or extended stay housing. Catastrophe or corporate relocation, we handle the full spectrum of services with a commitment to make every customer always feel at home.”

Temporary Housing Directory Helps Face the Unexpected With Compassion, Skill and Speed 

For customers that need corporate housing or families looking to settle into temporary or short term housing following an insurance property claim and / or catastrophe, the housing choices, high prices and limited time can be overwhelming.  Temporary Housing Directory offers varied options and saves clients time and money by making the short term housing selection process, simple, easy, quick and affordable. THD serves the clients of an insurance company or adjuster with compassion and support as they face some of the most challenging times of their lives. The Customer Service staff strives to anticipate clients’ needs and respond very quickly, assisting with housing options anywhere in North America. 

For more information, please contact Temporary Housing Directory online or call 800-817-3220.

Extended stay away from home – with all the comforts of home!26-Aug-2009

Going away from home for an extended period of time?    Whether your trip is for work or for leisure, being away from the conveniences of your normal work and home settings can cause stress and anxiety. 

There is a solution.    Arranging for an extended stay accommodation that offers a home-like atmosphere can help take a load off your mind.

When you have the right size, location, and type of space to live and work in, your temporary housing can indeed be comfortable. You don’t have to settle for just a room. Your housing options can range from studio suites to fully furnished short term apartments offering 24 hour guest laundry services as well as fully equipped kitchens.  

Why temporary housing or extended stay options can be useful:

  • You are working on a project that takes you away from home.
  • You need a break but can’t afford too much luxury. So you choose a budget vacation and need to be able to cook and do your laundry without paying extra for it.
  • Perhaps you have made a good decision to renovate or remodel your home and take advantage of low prices in the economic downturn. You need extended stay options while your home gets spruced up!
  • Your career requires you to relocate and move with your new job.
  • You are visiting relatives but don’t want to interfere with their routine and comforts; so you’d rather live at a close distance in an extended stay accommodation.
  • There’s an emergency, catastrophe, some natural disaster like a hurricane and you are forced to move out of your home. You need a place to stay, and you need it fast!
  • You have been displaced by an insurance claim and you need temporary housing right away.   
  • You need a temporary office environment with hi-speed wireless Internet connectivity and office accommodations.

Whatever your reasons are for choosing temporary housing, you can find the best deals and feel at home with the range of options offered by Temporary Housing Directory.

Contact us online or give us a call now at 800-817-3220!

How you benefit from a nationwide temporary housing service provider:

An established nationwide service like Temporary Housing Directory will have strong relationships with leading extended stay providers all over the country. These relationships can mean significant benefits for you and your clients or employees:

·         Special, negotiated rates that other local and smaller short term housing companies cannot offer.

·         Priority placement during times of high demand, such as immediately after a 

·         A full service extended stay and corporate relocation company will communicate with the short term housing provider on your behalf, allowing you to use your resources for other pressing matters.

·         They will handle all of the details, including auditing invoices for approved 

·         You'll receive furnished, short term apartments that meet your needs for space 
and efficiency during your extended stay away from home.

THD is the first company to bring together the full service solution of hotel placements and furnished housing to one point of contact. In 2009, the company ranks high in the prestigious Inc. 500| 5000 listing and is featured amongst the Top 100 Companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas area.

When you need extended stay housing, temporary housing or accommodation for your short or longer term needs, contact Temporary Housing Directory online or call 800-817-3220 today.

Corporate relocation can be stress-free with all the comforts of home13-Aug-2009

So you are being considered for a better position at work but it involves corporate relocation. Or perhaps your career demands frequent travel for extended stay away from home. Living out of a suitcase and having a local area map as a constant companion may be exciting for a no-threads-attached traveler. But you’re different.

You have a challenging career and you also want a work-life balance that gives you quality time with family and loved ones. When you find all the comforts of home in your new temporary housing or permanent place of residence, your corporate relocation becomes stress-free.

Corporate housing that facilitates easy corporate relocation

Your search for corporate housing with your career directed move can have many options. From corporate apartments to furnished short term rentals, expatriate housing to extended stay and interim homes, you have a choice.

The important things to consider are:   

  • Your place of work should be a convenient and easy commute from your home.
  • Places of everyday interest must be conveniently located, such as schools, medical and community services.
  • Ask your corporate housing provider about the neighborhood you are moving into so you can be assured it is safe, friendly and suited to your lifestyle. 
  • To occupy your leisure time and entertain any visiting family or friends, it helps to have easy access to local attractions.
  • For your comfort and lifestyle needs, look for contemporary furnishings, full size appliances including an in-house laundry, house wares and good quality bed and bath linens.
  • Check to see if basic amenities like TV/DVD, basic cable and high-speed Internet as well as utilities are included in your rent.
  • Recreational facilities like a swimming pool, fitness center, tennis courts and a movie theater are always a welcome addition in a new place!
  • If you are a pet lover and have one that you absolutely don’t want to travel and move home without, make sure your corporate apartment or expatriate housing allows pets.
  • Look for affordable extended stay options that also offer convenient payment options like lump sum payments and flexible leases.

Temporary Housing Directory excels in delivering corporate relocation services and finding quality corporate housing for busy executives like you. Regardless of whether your assignment is short term or for a longer period, we’ll organize the most comfortable housing to suit your requirements.
If your move to a new place has you anxious, don’t be! Just contact us online or give us a call now at 800-817-3220!

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